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“Discover What Today’s Men, and Black Belts Don’t Know About Dealing With Modern Violence in this Almost Forgotten System.”

If You Can’t Avoid a Fight, END IT Fast…AND STAY OFF THE GROUND!!!

"Sorry to piss your BJJ instructor off...
...but this is why you don't grapple in the street..."
-Instructor Damian Ross

  • MAXIMIZE your FIGHT or FLIGHT Instinct with CORE COMBAT Techniques.
  • MASTER and CONTROL the Common Denominators of ANY TYPE of ASSAULT.
  • DOMINATE every altercation from the POSITION of ADVANTAGE.
  • DESTROY your assailant’s counter attack with the DROP STEP and the FORWARD DRIVE.
  • EXPLOIT the WEAKEST target areas of any attacker (regardless of their size).

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Damian Ross


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Learning the Science of Self Defense
is as Easy as 1-2-3…

Self Defense isn’t a SPORT or a Style, it’s an instinct, you just need the key to Unlock it…

Does any of this sound familiar…

  • There's so many "EXPERTS" out there, I don't even know where to start or who to believe.
  • You need to spend years learning how to master self defense.
  • You need to be in great shape to survive an assault.
  • Owning a gun is all I need.
  • I don't have time to take classes and spend countless hours.
  • I can't afford it right now.
  • I can learn from some random video on TikTube.
  • I'm just too old for this sh!t.

We’re practically giving away the FAST COURSE because now, MORE THAN EVER, every good citizen needs to know how to REALLY defend and protect.

In the Fast Course You will Discover…

  • A Full Team of Certified Instructors to Help You.
  • Tactics and Techniques You Can Use RIGHT NOW.
  • The Ability to Knock Any Attacker Out with the Softest Part of Your Hand.
  • How to END the Fight Before it Starts – and Use Your Firearm as a Last Resort.
  • How to Create a Rock Solid  Self Defense Foundation for the Cost of a Really Cheap T-Shirt.
  • Full, Unlimited Access to Content Not Found ANYWHERE Else.
  • How to Determine Your Attacker’s REAL Intent BEFORE the First Punch is Ever Thrown.
  • Non-specific Brutal Defenses that Maximize Your Fight or Flight Response.
  • How to Break Down ANY Attack to It’s Common Denominators.
  • How to Apply a Handful of Devastating Techniques to ANY situation.
  • How to Avoid being Set Up in the Street.
  • How to Defend and Protect Regardless of Your Age, Size, Fitness Level or Athletic Ability.
  • And more…much more…


Bonus #1:Self Defense Library

Hundreds of downloadable articles, hard to find and out of print manuals and books from over a century of modern warfare.

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Bonus #2:Live Instructor Support

This is not just videos, your order today unlocks the full, certified instructor staff of the Self Defense Company. They’re standing by to answers any question or comment.

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Bonus #3:The Truth About Self Defense

Damian’s mentor , the late Carl Cestari, reveals what it REALLY takes to survive in the street.

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Damian Ross

Founder The Self Defense Company

Meet Your New Self Defense Instructor Damian Ross

  • Author of the Official “Self Defense for Dummies”
  • 4th Degree Black Belt Tekken Ryu Jujutsu and Combatives under Carl Cestari
  • 2nd Degree Black Belt Judo under Yoshisada Yonezuka
  • 2nd Degree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do
  • Varsity Wrestling Lehigh University
  • 2x National Runner Up Judo, Black Belt Masters
  • 3rd Place Bando Nationals Kick Boxing Black Belt Division
  • New Jersey State Champion Judo – Black Belt Division
  • Former Bouncer and Bodyguard
  • All State high School Football and Wrestling New Jersey
  • Certified Coach and Trainer
  • Former Varsity Wrestling Coach Ridgewood High School, Ridgewood, New Jersey
  • Ridgewood High School Hall of Fame Football and Wrestling
  • Bachelor of Arts, Lehigh University
  • Conceal Carry Permit
  • Certified Range Safety Officer
  • Fire Fighter
  • Cancer Survivor


Discover The Truth About Self Defense with Tactics from Over a Century of Modern Violence.

Self defense isn’t a sport or a style, it’s an instinct and it’s not that complicated. Over a century ago, a study was conducted by the British, US and Allied Forces to develop the ultimate system of close combat. They looked at all methods of martial arts and self defense, eliminated the all of the sport and ceremony until only the most effective  techniques remained.

Next, they tested and refined those methods under real world conditions in the Street of 1900’s Shanghai, the battlefields of World War II and the back alleys of the Cold War. These methods not only worked time and time again, they were simple and easy to teach.

Almost forgotten, these kill or be killed tactics were kept alive by inner circles, people who dealt with violence on a regular basis. Damian Ross, was in this inner circle.

Former bouncer, bodyguard, firefighter, collegiate athlete and coach with black belts in Judo, Jujutusu, Combatives and Tae Kwon Do, he was given access to this valuable training and has dedicated his life to teaching it.  In 2007 he created the Self Defense Training System and has helped soldiers, law enforcement officers, federal agents and everyday people “get home safe”.

You don’t need a black belt.
You just need a set of proven techniques and tactics, and they’re all here….


That’s $200 Worth of Training and Resources forOnly $14

Even if You’ve Never Trained BEFORE.

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“I’ve been involved in martial arts for years and the skills I’ve found through this program have been second to none. They just work.”

Tom P., Tomahawk, WI

“Simple, effective and direct. This no nonsense approach to self defense is exactly what I’m teaching my family.”

Gary L., Oklahoma City, OK

“We tried to prove that what Damian taught was BullSh!t…we were wrong!”

Penn and Teller, Bullsh!t

“I decided to teach this above everything else I’ve learned.”

George H. Ontario, CA

“Doesn’t matter how big, small or skilled you are – you can do this!”

Darren P., Tampa, FLA.

Even Pregnant, I can do this, it’s that EFFECTIVE. “

Adrianna, E. Ringwood, NJ

I depend on this every day….I live in DETROIT!!”

Gloria D., Detroit, MI

“After taking the Fast Course and knowing, what I know now…my confidence is SKY HIGH!”

Jason F., Elizabeth, NJ

“Finally found what I was looking for…a simple, no-nonsense method of self defense. “

Joe L., Alberta, Ca.

“I can tell you from learning and teaching this…You will be transformed.”

John N., Houston, TX

I love everything about this…from the very basic to the advanced techniques.

Scott C., Baton Rouge, LA

I love teaching Tae Kwon Do, but when it comes to self defense…this is what I teach. 

Dwayne F., Flagstaff, AZ.

Hear what expert martial artists, combatives instructors and experienced military and law enforcement are saying about this system.

Various Martial Artists, Global

Frequently Asked Questions about the FAST COURSE.

Can I learn from just watching a video?

YES! Some of the tactics you can implement immediately, others you’re going to have to practice, but not as much as you think. Since the techniques leverage your fight or flight they are simple and powerful natural movements.

Do I need a training partner?

NO. Unlike traditional martial arts, this isn’t sparing. Once you learn how to take the position of advantage, you’ll be able to END IT before the “first punch” is ever thrown.

I'm not as young as I once was, is this too physically demanding?

NOT AT ALL. First, the tactics you learn immediately require no physical training all. Then if you can swing a bat or kick a ball, you can do the core combat techniques.

How long will it take to learn?

All of the core combat techniques only take about 10 minutes to feel comfortable and then only a handful of sessions to become instinctive and convulsive.

Can I find this on Myface or RumbleTube?

NO. I don’t teach this for free and from what I’ve seen out there…no one is really teaching this (although some claim).

Time to Walk the Walk...