Who doesn’t want to end any attack with just one shot? 

Based on a century old system of hand to hand combat, this almost forgotten program will show you exactly how to knock any attacker cold by shocking by his central nervous system with one properly placed technique.

WARNING – This is NOT for the feint of heart – if you feel your followers have moral or religious issues with destroying or disabling someone trying to RAPE or MURDER you or your loved ones. This is not for you.

One Shot Fight Enders Video Program Performance Stats

  • Up to 90% commission for Premium Affiliates (Start at 75%)
  • $31.00 commission per conversion (minimum)
  • $0.31 to $1.59 EPC
  • 2.7 to 5.1% conversion rate
  • Order Bump and Upsell Commission
  • Lifetime Recurring Commission

Target Audience: Men over the age of 24 and up to 70 who are concerned about the instability of modern society and have an interest in survival, prepping, conspiracy, fitness, martial arts and self defense,

  • Front-end product: $37.00 up to 90% Commission
  • Order bump: Quick Kills and Deadly Finishes Video Program $47.00 40% Commission
  • Upsell #1: $3.00 trial to $29.00/ month subscription 40% Commission
  • Upsell #2: $197 program “The Science of Killing” Video Program 40% Commission
  • Downsell #3: $19.00 Fast Course Video Program 40% Commission

Product Inclusions: Access to The Self Defense Training Platform, and online community of 20,000 users world wide. 60plus hours of video content, live instruction, self defense library of over 100 books and manuals as well as new content every week.

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Email Swipe – Protectors Wanted
Works well with parents/grandparents of younger kids ages 0-18. Image and email copy

VIDEO Advertorial – Why you don’t grapple for Self Defense
Converts very well with self defense, martial arts and survivalists. If they have any interest in martial arts…this will work VERY well. In this folder there is a VIDEO, the JPEG for the video and the post/Ad Copy

Email Swipe – Why Your Grandad was 1000% tougher than you
Targeted towards older (40+), history and military crowd with strong family values. Image and email copy.

Email Swipe- Banned By Facebook
Targeted towards conspiracy, right wing, small government minded people.

Email Swipe – Alpha Male
If you have a list that has done well with dating sites, and male enhancement – this is your creative.

Advertorial Banned by Facebook
Targeted towards conspiracy, right wing, small government minded people.


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